Trademark Confirmation

U.S. Serial Number: 90195421
International Class(es): 035
Owner: Axline LLC

Submission Date: 11/23/21
Headline: Axline Advertising Agency Receives Trademark Confirmation

Axline Advertising Agency is pleased to confirm that the U.S. Serial Number 90195421, in Class 035 for GIVE ME A THUMBS UP has been published in the TMOG on Oct 26, 2021.

We've worked hard to achieve this milestone and continue our mission of providing excellent customer service.

1. The publication of this mark officially confirms its registration status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) - which means it is now registered.

2. This is an exciting moment for Axline who owns the legal rights to the phrase "Give Me a Thumbs Up."

3. The agency will be now able to use this phrase in the "Give Me A Thumbs Up" Application, logo and tagline on all future projects.

4. This news comes after a recent rebranding process for the company, which included a new website design and updated marketing materials.

5. With this confirmation, Axline can confidently move forward with their advertising campaigns knowing they have secured their brand identity legally.

6. In addition, they are excited to share these developments with clients in order to show them how much we care about protecting their investments in our company's services.

7. For more information about Axline's services or how we can help your business grow contact us today!