The Ultimate Pre-Flight Training Package $997

Our pre-flight package includes everything you need to get your reviews off the ground. From installation and flight training, to full review management services for the current month. Plus, our monthly subscription includes ongoing support from our team of experts to keep you on track.

Monthly Subscription

Easier on the budget

No Contract Required

Enjoy our services without any strings attached

12 Month Price Guarantee

No more worrying about
unexpected increases

   Private Pilot
$ 99.95 / Month

  •  Give Me A Thumbs Up Landing Page

  •  Qr-Code

  •  1 Review Site (ie. Google)

   Commercial Pilot
     $ 149.95 / Month

  •  Give Me A Thumbs Up Landing Page

  •  QR-Code

  •  Email Signature

  •  2 Review Sites (ie. Google, Facebook)

  •  100 Automatic Email Campaign

   Airline Pilot
$ 199.95 / Month

  •  Give Me A Thumbs Up Landing Page

  •  QR-Code

  •  Email Signature

  •  5 Review Sites

  •  250 Text & Email Campaign

  •  Uploadable Client List

  •  Weekly Performance Report

  •  Reviews Displayed on Website

Pricing Effective January 1, 2024

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With our Ultimate Pre-Flight Training Package, you can take your online reputation to new heights and soar above the competition.

This package includes everything you need to prepare for a successful takeoff in the world of online reviews. As your Captain, we will provide you with a comprehensive training program that covers everything from the basics of online reviews to advanced reputation management strategies. Our pre-flight training package includes:

Online Reviews 101: A comprehensive guide to understanding the importance of online reviews and how they impact your business.

Reputation Management Strategies: Learn how to manage your reputation effectively, including tips for responding to negative reviews and building a positive online presence.

Review Generation Tools: Access to our proprietary software that predicts whether your clients will write a good or bad review before you ask them.

Flight Checklists: Access to our pre-flight checklists that will ensure you have everything in order before takeoff.

Don't wait for turbulence to strike - invest in your reputation today and achieve a successful takeoff.